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The best in the Shadows, out to be the best in the biz

Hi, my name is Adrian Hicks.  I am loved by God and a lover of humanity, and a dedicated provider to my family. I am the Champion of the exceptional treatment of my clients. I am a connoisseur of classic Hip-hop, rock, jazz, classical, r&b and anything with a beat or message that moves me.  I have an intimate relationship with everything on 4 wheels.  Cars are one of my significant passions.  I've raced them, shown them and they were a lucrative source of income for my family for decades.  So, why am I The Bug Ninja?


I’ve noticed, on average, if you ask someone who their “pest control” guy is, they really don’t know.  I want to make our continued interactions memorable.  Whether that's making sure that you get an explanation of service before, during, and after, or just the common courtesy of professionalism when I am in your home.  You deserve to have the skills that I bring after 20 years in high-end retail.   


This is your home we are talking about.  I take that and your consideration of my company VERY serious.  For this reason, I am completely certified, insured, and READY to tackle whatever your pest control needs may be!


Now let me tell you a little bit more about Adrian,  I was born and raised in Wichita. I grew up deathly afraid of bugs in general, but SPIDERS were my worst nightmare.  I know first hand what it is like to have that feeling you get when you have that roach taunt you as it picks up your food and walks away (and doesn't even leave a tip).  Even worse, when you're backed into a corner or on top of the bathtub because there is a spider the size of a Volkswagen on your floor (it certainly feels that way, doesn't it?). 


That all changed when I became a homeowner.  This is MY KINGDOM... MY DOMAIN.  I wanted to be the boss of my level of comfort in my own space.  I still remember the first time I received an estimate in the THOUSANDS of dollars from a national pest control company for a termite problem.  I HAD to figure this out.  Like many of you, I've spent a LOT of money to get inferior service from what I like to call "Spray Jockeys", so when an opportunity arose to start my own business, I thought, "What better place to do that, than an area where customer service is SEVERELY lacking!"


Now, let's talk about Customer Service. I spent 20 years in high-end retail sales, earning many awards and accolades for superior customer service.  For years I built relationships with my clients in the automobile industry (Volvo and Subaru specifically) and have long-lasting relationships with MOST of my 1000s of clients from over the years.  That means nothing until we meet, but once we do, I assure you that there is NOTHING I value more than your satisfaction and your continued business because of our mutually beneficial relationship.  


Enter KENJI....                       


You will run into him a lot on this site, but you'll actually never see him in person (who sees Ninjas?).  He is THE Bug Ninja, the one that assassinates the bugs.  He is the Spider Slaughterer, the executor of Bed Bug Bloodshed, the Roach Ruiner, the Mouse Murderer, the Flea Finisher, and the Beetle Beheader. 


As long as you aren't an insect or rodent, you have nothing to fear.  

(Adrian again)

I assure you, customer service is my top priority.  Pest Elimination is Kenji's.  Hire us both (for the same low price) and you'll never have to wonder who your "pest control guy" is ever again! 



Ninja Convention

Kenji at the 2015 Ninja Unity Conference...Front row, fourth from Left

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